Short dresses are on the rise

Short length wedding dresses are fun, inexpensive, and can be formal enough to please even the staunchest traditionalists at your wedding. Brides are turning to shorter styles to allow them to move more freely (hello, dancing!) and save some dough. Furthermore, by eliminating yards of fabric, you open the door to a world of accessory possibilities.

Contrary to popular belief, shorter dresses are not a modern phenomenon. Tea length styles were all the rage in the 50s and 60s, so you needn’t worry about shocking grandma by showing ankles on your big day. Also, shorter styles have been a mainstay for beach, summer, and destination weddings for years, so it’s only natural that they would find their way into ordinary fashion. They are very much in vogue again this century, with designers from Vera Wang to J. Crew adding this style to their collections. Just last year one prominent bridal designer, Amsale, premiered a line of “Little White Dresses” that all hit above the knee. You can find abridged versions of bridal gowns in any length with as varied fabric and adornment options as floor sweeping styles have.

Thanks to the excessive cost of the luxury fabrics and hand-sewn embellishments wedding dresses are often made from, you can eliminate over half of the price of your gown just by raising the hemline. This fun frock is approximately a third of the cost of its longer counterpart,

Minimized skirts cannot carry elaborate pick-ups, French bustles and other “wow” elements like ball gowns can. Make up what you lose in length by adding daring accessories! You have saved money by opting for a shorter dress, so spend some of it making your wedding day guise distinctly you. What girl ever said “No” to a fabulous pair of shoes? Since your short gown is already less formal, toss those $3 flip flops and consider bright pink pumps or sparkling silver stilettos instead. Above your shoulders, make the vibe retro by going with a blusher veil instead of a long one or make a bold statement with flowers and a headpiece. These additions will be cheeky but tasteful without a massive gown cramping your style.

Petite brides rejoice! Too much fabric and large skirts can be overpowering on a small frame. Magically lengthen your limbs by showing a few extra inches and adding some fierce heels. If you are a petit bride who always dreamt of feeling like a princess, you can keep the dream alive by wearing a tiara or other distinctly royal accessories.

Why not face your future with courage and confidence while wearing a fun and practical fashion choice? Besides, showing more leg is one wedding decision your husband-to-be will definitely agree with.