A Big Thank You!

This last weekend was packed full of driving, venue viewing and meeting new clients. One of the meetings that happened to be on the list was  with my (Christina’s) wedding photographer Tyler Austin from TAustin photography. My wedding album had finally come in all the way from Italy, hence the wait. I  met Tyler at the Tully’s, where we had first met him to book him for our wedding, in Redmond. As I walked in I saw a large black bag that was very striking, which had nicely wrapped items inside of it, I got really excited as I knew that must be my Album! Tyler and I started to talk shop for a bit, and catch up on each other’s businesses, talking about my wedding and his son, and how Rachel was doing (his wife  and 2nd shooter/ hair and makeup for TAustin) while swapping stories of house hunting. At one point we got to talking about printing companies and where he gets his printing done, he then lifted up another wrapped item, and showed me a logo sticker from a printing place, and said “oh, this is just a little something extra from Rachel and I”. Then towards the end of our meeting, he lifted up yet another giant box, and said “this is for your album and just something else from us”. I was absolutely stunned from the generosity of all this; I couldn't wait to get home to show Ben! I felt like it was my Birthday or something, trucking all these beautifully wrapped gifts into the house. Ben looked at me and asked “Did you go shopping? I replied “no, this is all from Tyler and Rachel”! He, set his stuff down, and we started to unwrap everything!  The 1st was our long awaited album; words cannot define the quality and beauty this timeless piece holds. It is absolutely magnificent, and was included in our package with TAustin. Next was a very nice 2012 calendar that was compiled of our favorite wedding photos. The next was a classy holder for our beautiful album to be on display, like in museum! It is sitting in our living room, on our book shelf as I type. The last, and most wonderful gift that we had gotten, was by total surprise! The day of our wedding we did forgo the videographer, as there were many of people coming that day that had very nice video cameras. We were certain that we would get our ceremony videotaped. Well, low and behold, no one did, and we were going to have to remember it through pictures and memories. In the last gift from Tyler was a video, of our ceremony (including all our pictures on a separate disc). Ben and I played it almost instantly, and we sat on our couch, reliving an amazing day in our lives-it was priceless! On the day of your wedding ,things go by so fast and your emotions almost take over the ability to really realize what is happening. We couldn't be more thankful for this video, that wasn't even asked of Tyler, he just did it. We were so very lucky to have the wonderful team of TAustin Photography there that day, and we can't thank you enough for capturing our special day in photos, and taping  an extremely cherished moment!

Thank you again Tyler and Rachel!