Everybody.... HEAD TO THE BAR!

One thing that I love about weddings is... the BAR (open bars are obviously the best) ;-)  Anyways, the bar is  where the start of your fun night begins. No matter if you get a Mai Tai or if you get a Coke, you will always be on the dance floor giving it all you've got. 

Every wedding that we plan, we love to decorate the bar with lots of greenery, floral arrangements, lights, votives, you name it! Here are some of our favorite bars from real weddings that we've done! 

At our real weddings, the photographers didn't take a picture of the whole set up of the bar but took pictures of some of the intricate parts that completes the bar, for example, chalk board signs, display of drinks, floral arrangements in votives, etc...

Now if you're a pinterest lover like I am, you will see a variety of ways of how you can decorate your wedding bar! Some are sweet and simple, some are elegant and classy, and the really cool ones are very extravagant with a lot of crystals and wine glasses!!! There are so many different ways to decorate your bar at your wedding it's really hard to choose the design!

Check out my favorite pins in my CHEERS album on Pinterest! Enjoy! Comment down below what your favorite drink is and have a drink for me!