7 Tips for Planning your Honeymoon


After months of wedding prep, going on your honeymoon is the perfect reprieve from all of that craziness. Dive headfirst into your new journey with your spouse by taking the necessary steps for planning your honeymoon. Everyone imagines a picture-perfect, romantic getaway, but try not give yourself too much work. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to get you started:

Budget for Your Honeymoon 

Don’t forget to factor in the honeymoon when you are settling on your wedding budget! Whether this means setting aside some funds specifically for the honeymoon or cutting back on a few things while you're planning the wedding, you do not want to skip this step. The last thing you want is too be scrambling last minute to find extra cash after the wedding.

Find Your Timeline

Decide together how long you want to stretch out your trip. Honeymoons can be tricky because if they're too long they might lose their magic, but if they're too short, you'll find yourself longing for a little bit more. Be sure to factor in time off of work and cost before you get carried away. Usually, a week to ten days is the average length for honeymoons. Whether you’re headed to far off land or taking a ‘staycation’, make sure you allow yourself enough time to really soak in the wonderment.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Try to avoid rushing to plan your honeymoon after your wedding if you can. Knocking it out as early as possible can save you a lot of headaches. Early planning can mean better prices and less work down the line. After you decide on your wedding date, everything is fair game. 

Ask for Help

Taking on the task of planning your wedding and honeymoon is no small feat, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Professional wedding planners and travel experts can really lighten the load, and can even give you inside tips. Take advantage of your resources to avoid feeling overwhelmed. This can be especially important if you are planning to go abroad, you don’t want to miss any details that could ruin your trip.

Choose your Location Together

Make sure you are communicating with your partner about your idea of a perfect honeymoon. Be prepared to compromise if you don’t see eye to eye.

Wherever you go on your honeymoon should represent both of your wants and desires. If your idea of a perfect honeymoon is relaxing by the ocean, but your spouse is afraid of sharks, maybe don't plan your trip to Fiji. After all, your first trip as a married couple should be enjoyable for all parties.

Get the Most Out of Your Destination

To kickstart your newly minted bond, plan a few activities for you and your partner to do together. This can be extravagant as a couple’s spa day, or as adventurous as scuba diving, or even as simple as wine tasting. The important thing is finding something you can enjoy together.

Don’t forget to check with your accommodations, as many hotels may offer honeymoon packages. Newly married couples should take advantage of any freebies, like complimentary champagne or even room upgrades. This is the time to put each other first and bask in the post-wedding glow.

Be True to Yourselves

Your honeymoon doesn’t have to follow any rules. Don’t go crazy trying to plan something extravagant if that’s not you. Make sure you're choosing things because you and your spouse like them, not because it’s the latest trend in honeymoons. You'll certainly regret it if you're not authentic to your own interests and desires. 

Talk with your partner and find what is ideal for you, not what is deal for Instagram. If that means holing up in ski cabin instead of an above water hut in the Maldives, do that! There’s no right or wrong way to honeymoon. Relax and relish each other’s company!

-It’s Your Day guest writer, Andee S.