Spring Wedding Inspiration

The wedding color of the year for 2011 announced by Pantone (a fashion & home website) is honeysuckle pink! And what a beautiful and rich wedding color it is! If you’re wondering what wedding color scheme to go for or looking for wedding color ideas, why not try the most fashionable wedding color of 2011?! Try accenting it with other bright spring colors like beeswax yellow and a fiery orange. Or tone it down, with champagnes & beiges!

Whether you are looking for summer wedding colors, spring wedding colors or a color for your bridesmaid’s dresses, honeysuckle will bring a vibrant elegance to your big day.

What was 2010's color of the year? Try and guess...OK we'll tell you! Turquoise...so if you want to try and stay away from "old trends", steer clear of this color :)

RING in the New Year Special!

Are you one of the many who got engaged over the popular holiday season and are ready to get started with your wedding plans NOW? Or maybe you got engaged over the summer, or even closer to last holiday season, and you are tired of putting off your wedding planning; your new years resolution is to get this planning going!

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Sharing Your Wedding Day? Who to Invite?

Combining two families is a delicate task, one that can be illustrated by convoluted wedding seating charts. Can you put that crazy aunt whose plus one is bound to be a mesh t-shirt wearing man with a mullet next to your mother in-law who still talks about the greatness of the Reagan years? Well, you will have to read our next posting to learn more about seating charts because prior to even beginning to think about the seating chart is the guest list. Before you can consider where to place your guests, dj, food, and dance floor in the reception space, you need to have a clear idea of who should be invited to your special day. More importantly, who should not be invited?

This is the sort of awkward social dilemma that leads many couples each year to throw caution to the wind and elope. It is an easier task to include no one than to attempt to include just the right people. Conversely, countless brides and grooms to-be are so terrified of offending people that they augment their wedding budget so that they can invite their dental hygienists and neighbors’ dog walkers and their guests.

To avoid making rash decisions or spending an exorbitant amount on too many guests, you need to make a game plan for your guest list. It should be constructed in three parts. Before you and your significant other reserve a venue, set a cap on the number of guests you can afford to accommodate. The costs that will be affected most by the number of guests you invite are catering and the venue. Stick to this guest count cap as fastidiously as you do with the rest of your wedding budget.

Then, make your first list. This will be a rough draft. If your potential attendees exceed the limit you set, then it is time to shed. It is necessary to be selfish and start to seriously question who deserves the invitation. If you haven’t spoken to people in more than a year, then are they important enough to merit spending money to invite them to your wedding? If you do see the person on a regular basis, ask if their relationship to you is one of organic friendship or if it is involuntary. For example, you may see your barista everyday and enjoy her banter, but if removed from the context of Starbucks and caffeine deprivation you two would not be best buds, then skip the invite. She will forgive you and will still have to smile and make your coffee every day. Win-win for you. Another factor to consider when cutting the list is mutual friends. If your list includes people with whom you share no mutual friends, then odds are they will be lonely at the wedding. Now what to do about ex-partners or even spouses who are still in your lives? This is a very personal decision, one which should be delicately discussed with your partner. But I believe that no matter how friendly one person is with the ex, if the other person objects to anyone on the guest list, then nix the invitee altogether. It’s never worth risking your relationship with your future life partner over a past relationship. Finally, consider who would be least offended if they weren’t invited. It may sound crass, but I certainly have a few second cousins who, while they are connected by blood pop into my life more than once a year, would not blink twice if not invited to my wedding.

Now ignore your list until two weeks before you send out invitations. In the time that passes between your rough draft guest list and this final draft, people will leave and enter your life. This is the time to kick off the friends who have been incommunicado and replace them with newly important people in your lives.

If you are unable to invite everyone to your wedding who you feel should be, remain cognizant of the fact that in the grand scheme of things, those who truly love you and value your friendship will understand that weddings are expensive. You and your fiancé’s happiness are what’s most important on your wedding day and if keeping costs down will make you both happier, then stop worrying about offending people and cut your guest list.

Make It Your Day

We have all been to stale, bland weddings where our only incentive for sticking around after “I do” is the guarantee that dessert is soon on its way. In this stereotypical wedding the same reading reminds us that love is both patient and kind; the same traditions are dutifully fulfilled; Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” or “The Wedding March” accompanies the walk down the aisle; and decorations venture little beyond flowers and tulle. While all of these elements are great and are considered staple components of any wedding, it is important to remember that your wedding should celebrate your own love. Love develops differently with each couple. With such a large celebration, there are a myriad of opportunities to express your uniqueness.

Of course the new viral trend is for newlyweds to post YouTube videos of their colorful choreographed first dances. Brides and grooms create mash-ups of a few of their favorite songs (think of “Glee”) like “The way you make me feel” by Michael Jackson or “Forever” by Chris Brown, in order to have a fun and memorable first dance. If you have the guts to really cut the rug in front of your guests, do it! Although it might help to schedule this routine for after you have had an hour or so worth of cocktails! Along this vein, you could by-step having a DJ and create an iPod playlist of all songs that speak to you two.

Less audacious ways to set your wedding apart from every other ho-hum wedding is to get creative. Utilize the talents of your wedding party and family. On “Sex and the City”, Carrie was asked to display her writing talents by writing a touching poem to read. If you have an artist in your wedding party, she could sketch something for your invitations or design an image for your place cards and programs. These images could reflect your wedding theme or be of something special that you and your betrothed have both experienced together. Musician friends can play the recessional music or dedicate a song. Additionally, while it doesn’t take much talent to use a disposable camera, if you distribute some to your guests you are guaranteed to receive more intimate photos than a hired photographer could capture.

Who says that you need to serve dinner at the reception? If your favorite meal is breakfast, serve it! You can have an espresso cart at the venue and serve brunch cocktails and Irish coffees instead of dinner drinks. Do you have a favorite cuisine like Mexican or Sushi? Then consider hosting a quesadilla grilling station or a sushi bar. Or, if you are both more comfortable with casual, happy hour style dining, then consider having an assortment of hors d'oeuvres and martinis passed on trays to induce more mingling among your guests. Take yourself even further away from cookie cutter wedding dining and have the candy bar and cupcake tower duo in lieu of a wedding cake.

Finally, remember to think outside of the box when looking for locations. If you limit your search to local bridal websites, you will miss out on quirky local spaces which probably charge less to host events than the hotels and gardens that can afford to advertise. Next time you and your fiancé visit your favorite restaurant, music venue, art gallery, park or any space that holds a special meaning for you two, imagine getting married there. I once attended a ceremony held in a beautiful theatre with the couple onstage while we all watched from the seats. They even utilized the sound system and lights to create a fun and unique day.

Have fun with your wedding and incorporate as much of your and your fiancé’s personalities into the day as you can. This is the only time that you will get to spend a day celebrating your love in front of everyone who cares about you, so make it special, memorable, quell the naysayers and make it YOUR day!


It's Your Day is Now a Member of the Snohomish Wedding Guild!

It's Your Day is now a proud member of the Snohomish Wedding Guild. Go to: http://www.mysnohomishwedding.com to find out more about the guild and find other great vendors like us if you are planning a wedding in the Snohomish County area.

Also, the Guild is planning a Showcase Tour, Sunday May 23rd to showcase all of the wonderful vendors. Come check it out- its fun, free and very informational!

Short dresses are on the rise

Short length wedding dresses are fun, inexpensive, and can be formal enough to please even the staunchest traditionalists at your wedding. Brides are turning to shorter styles to allow them to move more freely (hello, dancing!) and save some dough. Furthermore, by eliminating yards of fabric, you open the door to a world of accessory possibilities.

Contrary to popular belief, shorter dresses are not a modern phenomenon. Tea length styles were all the rage in the 50s and 60s, so you needn’t worry about shocking grandma by showing ankles on your big day. Also, shorter styles have been a mainstay for beach, summer, and destination weddings for years, so it’s only natural that they would find their way into ordinary fashion. They are very much in vogue again this century, with designers from Vera Wang to J. Crew adding this style to their collections. Just last year one prominent bridal designer, Amsale, premiered a line of “Little White Dresses” that all hit above the knee. You can find abridged versions of bridal gowns in any length with as varied fabric and adornment options as floor sweeping styles have.

Thanks to the excessive cost of the luxury fabrics and hand-sewn embellishments wedding dresses are often made from, you can eliminate over half of the price of your gown just by raising the hemline. This fun frock http://www.amsale.com/lwd/0912/krista.jpg is approximately a third of the cost of its longer counterpart, http://www.amsale.com/bridal/amsalecollection/090718/nadine.jpg.

Minimized skirts cannot carry elaborate pick-ups, French bustles and other “wow” elements like ball gowns can. Make up what you lose in length by adding daring accessories! You have saved money by opting for a shorter dress, so spend some of it making your wedding day guise distinctly you. What girl ever said “No” to a fabulous pair of shoes? Since your short gown is already less formal, toss those $3 flip flops and consider bright pink pumps or sparkling silver stilettos instead. Above your shoulders, make the vibe retro by going with a blusher veil instead of a long one or make a bold statement with flowers and a headpiece. These additions will be cheeky but tasteful without a massive gown cramping your style.

Petite brides rejoice! Too much fabric and large skirts can be overpowering on a small frame. Magically lengthen your limbs by showing a few extra inches and adding some fierce heels. If you are a petit bride who always dreamt of feeling like a princess, you can keep the dream alive by wearing a tiara or other distinctly royal accessories.

Why not face your future with courage and confidence while wearing a fun and practical fashion choice? Besides, showing more leg is one wedding decision your husband-to-be will definitely agree with.