Hannah! Our Wonderful Apprentice...

For anyone who doesn't know, we did a search at the end of last year to find an apprentice/intern to help out with events, and learn from us along the way and probably teach us a thing or two as well. In January we brought on a wonderful gal named Hannah that we decided would fit the bill.

Not only has Hannah been a great blogger and a big help at our first wedding of the season but she has great ideas as well. Here is a short bio about her:

Hannah started planning events as a college sophomore, when she became President of a large statewide political non-profit organization. She planned at least 5 events quarterly for the following 2 years, from concerts to guest lectures and formal banquets.

In her senior year at the University of Washington, Hannah obtained a marketing and communications internship at a bridal website. This piqued her interest in the wedding industry and she has pursued a career in it since then. Last year she also worked in a bridal fashion shop, where she was fortunate enough to converse with brides on a regular basis while playing dress up!

Hannah is working with Ashley and Christina to find a way to combine her event planning experience with her love of all things wedding related and hopes to manage her own wedding consulting business someday as well.