Four ways to make the world a better place on your wedding day

CREATE LIFE. Give back to mother earth & commemorate your wedding day by planting a tree. Plantamemory.Com’s Spruce Evergreen party favors are unique & great for the environment. The tree seedlings come packaged in an eco­friendly box, equipped with a personalized card made from recycled paper. Plus, the more you buy, the cheaper they come. Fifty guests? Pay $3.15/seedling.Image

FEEL A BIODYNAMIC BUZZ. Biodynamic wines are 100% organic, which means they exclude the use of nasty pesticides & synthetic fertilizers. Growers of biodynamic wines create their own compost, & like astrologists, use the stars & planets to help guide them. Save soil —sip biodynamic wine. For more information on biodynamic wines visit:

GIVE THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. Present your bridesmaids with a gift Mother Theresa would love. A beaded bracelet goes for $16.00 at Spark Tree on Etsy.Com. Seven of those sixteen dollars are donated to Drop in the Bucket, a non­profit organization dedicated to building sanitation systems & wells in Sub­Sahara African schools. Often when a well is built, enrollment doubles. Give the gift of water & education with this trendy accessory.


PLAY MARRY POPPINS. Instead of using rice for your send off, use bird feed & teach your guests the importance of feeding the birds. 

More & more couples are adding eco-friendly & charitable elements to their wedding day. The four listed above are just to name a few! For more ideas visit: