Bride and Bridesmaids To Be!

You can't get married without your ladies by your side! 

Men come and go but friends are forever.... even when you already find the man of your dreams, you're girls have to be there to be by your side to support and most importantly: TO CELEBRATE WITH YOU! 

NOW, this is the store that I swear by. I love everything about Francesca's Boutique: their great quality product, the atmosphere of every boutique I go in, and the employees are always so cheerful and loving! They have very unique clothing, jewelry, and my favorite, the miscellaneous accessories!! And when I found out about all these wedding goodies that they have, I just had to make a post about it! You never know what you will find on that little table. Here are some fun little goodies for you, a soon to be bride, or for your brides maids! 


I just think this is so adorable! If your man already popped the question and you said yes, it's your turn to pop the question to your bridesmaid. The brides maid proposal doesn't have to be out of this world. A small little gesture for your ladies would do the trick. Sweet and simple! These earring would make a perfect gift and its something that your bridesmaid will most likely use and its so sweet and simple that it'll match with everything that they wear! 

Francesca's Boutique in Alderwood Mall! 

Francesca's Boutique in Alderwood Mall! 



This little cute scrumptious bath bomb smells so good and it makes your skin glow! If you think LUSH only sells awesome bath bombs, think again! Drop this baby in your bathtub, get your new hubby, pop some champagne, and relax ALL night long! 

There are so many other cute little things at Francesca that are wedding related. If you're still stumped on gifts for the bride or brides maids. Come check it out at Francesca's Boutique. You will fall in LOVE just like I did! Here just some of the other bachelorette/bride products that I love! 

Enjoy online shopping till you're dropping! :) 

Grand Ridge Manor: Featured Venue

Grand Ridge Manor is a great venue! If you live north or south of Bellevue, this is a great venue to check out! This gorgeous mansion is located in Issaquah, Washington. It provides the perfect wedding in a secluded area but with very easy access to the city. The venue is surrounded by a beautiful scenery of forests and a view of Cougar & Tiger Mountain; perfect for wedding photos! The Grand Ridge Manor has a private 35 acres that has a natural pond with a running waterfall and fountain in the pond.  We have had a wedding planned with Karly and Brett, the couple that I wrote my previous blog on. I was an intern when I worked with this lovely couple and I was truly blessed to be working with them to make their day and night as perfect as they wanted it to be at The Grand Ridge Manor. The cooks and staff were so amazing and extremely helpful. I can honestly say that, this venue was one of the most beautiful venues I've ever seen in my wedding planning career! 

Here's a little tour of the place and some pictures taken of Karly and Brett at their wedding!

Awesome Ways to Announce Your Engagement!

We all know that the holiday seasons are approaching and so is engagement season. Many of you will be changing your Facebook relationship status from "In a relationship" to "Engaged"!!! If you are one of the lucky ones reading this right now, It's Your Day Events and Expressions congratulates you and your special one! 

First things first, how are you going to share your engagement to the whole world? Let me show you my top 5 favorite, creative, and cute ways to announce your engagement! Don't forget to call your parents... :)


1. Take it to Instagram!

People love to share the things that the love and enjoy on Instagram. Show off your ring, you can make it as obvious as you like! ;) 
Photo Credit: Francesca's Boutique

Photo Credit: Francesca's Boutique

2. Engagement photo shoot

These shoots can get as creative as you'd like. Get super sweet and corny, hold up signs, and smile! 
Photo credit: Lauren Davidson

Photo credit: Lauren Davidson

3. Scrabble and the Ring

Sweet and simple! 
Photo credits:  AC Ellis Weddings

Photo credits: AC Ellis Weddings

4. For coffee lovers

Nothing else says I love you more than a hot cup of coffee! Oops, maybe if a ring comes along with it! 

5. Saved the best one for last: Couple's best friend! 

Maybe you guys already started a little furry family. You need to include them too! 
Photo credits: Raven Red

Photo credits: Raven Red

There are so many other ways to share your engagement to the world but these are my top 5 favorites! 

 I would like to know, how did you guys share your engagement? :)


Written By Kailin Cheng, Event Assistant

The Adventures of An Intern

Wedding planning is a dangerous job... 


There were real sweat, blood, and tears. Now it's not as gruesome as you're picturing it right now so let me set a scenario for you. You get pulled around by the families and loved ones, making sure everything's going smoothly, being pricked and poked by all the bountineers that have to be pinned on the groomsmen and fathers, dragging around all of the props that are needed through the ceremony, holding the brides' and bridesmaid bouquet, veil, and belongings, ext.  The pressure of making sure that everything runs smoothly. Then at last there is tears of joy and happiness because you can just feel the love in the air between the bride and groom. There are so much more to do and I've definitely underestimated what a wedding planner's job is. 

After my first wedding planning experience, I am very determined to get to where my goal is: being Beyonce's little girl, Ivy Blue, plan her future wedding! ( A girl can only dream right?) Anyways... it's not about the money or the fame of helping throw the biggest most spectacular Jay Gatsby kind of party, but it's helping a couple make the best night of their life and to celebrate such a thing called love.

All this inspiration talk is cheesy and corny, but its the actions what count. Let me tell you the day I had on my first day of interning at a wedding, Christina, my wonderful boss, and her husband Ben, and I were on our way to Ballard's Lutheran Church at around 12 pm, we were going to set up a few hours before the wedding and making sure the families and loved ones were getting ready and situated! As we are making our way down to Ballard, we stopped a light right past Dick's drive in and we were stopped a red light, RIGHT ON SCHEDULE, if I might add. Then all of a sudden a minivan rear ended us out of no where! Christina had a scrapped elbow, Ben and I had some whiplash and our head hit the back of the seat really hard. The lady who hit us didn't even say anything to Ben when he got out to exchange information and insurance. How rude!! Anyways, we were back on our way to the church, not even a little fender bender will stop us from going to the wedding. We finally get to the church and we're making sure the photos were being taken, the make up of all the brides made were done and the dress and veil was looking FLAWLESS. The ceremony was so beautiful! The flowers and the huge organ in the church was just so beautiful! 

Ballard First Lutheran Church 

After the ceremony, Christina and I were in charge of collecting all of the belonging that were left behind by the groomsmen/bridesmaids and also the flower arrangements down the aisle and putting them into the car to take with us to the reception venue. Then we were to meet Ashley at the venue where she was setting up for the reception. So once we loaded all of the flower arrangements in the box, Ben, Christina's husband was helping load the car as I handed him the flowers in the glass vases one by one... You can guess what happened next. He accidentally grabbed the flowers instead of the vase and the vase just shattered on the street! Next thing I know is Ben saying, "Uh I think your foot is bleeding..." I looked down and said "Really?" Turns out the glass shattered around my foot and all I got a was a itty bitty cut on the top of my foot. It was so small that I didn't even notice it! Christina said, "You're gonna scare our intern off by hurting them like that!" All laughs and jokes!! 

Then, we arrived at The Canal, where the wedding reception was and all night long, it was laughs, hugs, a lot of eating, drinking  and LOTS OF DANCING. It was such a blast that all of the things that went wrong that day had been forgotten! 

Jewel Hospitality catering ft my #OOTE for the wedding!! Dinner was delicious!


Being hit by a car and dodging shards of glass was not how I planned my first day of interning to be but it really made the day more interesting. New thing that I learned that day is to always prepare for the worst. It's someone's special day and if something goes wrong, you fix it real quick, bandage it up or something and just keep going. You got to be innovated and think on your feet. You also probably have to sustain the hits of a vehicle and have shields of steel for a foot like me! 

What has been the craziest and unexpected thing that has happened to you on the day of a wedding you were attending to?? I would love to hear your story! :) And if you guys are interested in a wedding #OOTE (Outfit of the event) put below in the comments!!!

Next time on The Adventures of An Intern,

Kailin C. 

Real Wedding ~Anissa & Brendan 4.12.14~

Talk about a beautiful April day! We really lucked out on the weather for this amazing wedding, the girls were prepared with rain jackets and umbrellas and didn't even need them! These two fun-loving lawyers, Anissa & Brendan celebrated their wedding in the gorgeous city of Mukilteo, WA near the waterfront. After the ceremony at St. John's Catholic Church, guests & the wedding party headed over to Rosehill Community Center to celebrate. Their photographer, Amanda Lloyd was able to catch some amazing shots. We are loving the photos of them in the getaway car! Talk about looking like stars of their own romance film!  Not to mention, Anissa's stunning dress and lovely flowers from Stem. Wonderful eats were provided by Cabbage Patch Catering and cake from Happy Cakes, as guests danced the night away to music from Bugsie Productions, even busting out some glow sticks for a dance party at the end of the night!  

Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10352 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10386 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10401 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10425 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10449 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10474 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10541 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10588 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10785 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10797 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10861 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10872 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10887 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10898 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10918 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10920 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10940 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding10979 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding11118 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding11181 Anissa-Brendan-Wedding11339


Wedding Planning: It's Your Day Events & Expressions

REAL WEDDING: Julia & Deric Feb 2014

We met Julia only a couple weeks before her wedding, and we didn't meet Deric until the Big Day. He was the man in a sharp dressed black tux, flocked by two swanky looking groomsmen in white tuxes. Looking good was definitely in order, as this couple got married at the famous Escala Condos, home to the notorious Christian Grey, from the book 50 Shades of Grey. As lovers of this book, we were super excited when we were brought on board. The venue was complete with an elegant staircase, wine cellar and patio ceremony with a roaring fireplace in the background. The venue looked amazing, with flowers provided by Ravenna Bloom, as well as person elements like the paper crane altar backdrop, and expressions in beautiful calligraphy from Carolyn Kach design. Amazing food was prepared by Lisa Dupar Catering and the delicious dessert was provided by our favorite dessert place as well, Hot Cakes. The music was provided by A Sounds Unlimited, the DJ spun some awesome songs and the night ended with some amazing dance moves! Photos provided by Carina Skrobecki Photography.  


REAL WEDDING: Amy & Eddie 4/27/13

Amy & Eddie are an amazing dynamic duo that have known each other since high school. The two had rekindled their friendship a few years out of school which in turn blossomed into the beautiful romance you see today. With Amy being a professional dancer, along with some of the wedding party and many guests, this wedding at the beautiful Tulalip Resort Casino Orca Ballroom made for one heck of a dance party!

The couple incorporated their love of music into their theme of orange, purple and grey with chevrons. Beautiful fresh flowers, large orange round balloons and many, many paper cranes plus lots of little handmade personal expression touches added great accents to the wedding.

It was a truly amazing day to remember! Congratulations Amy & Eddie!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Venue: Tulalip Resort Casino

Photography: Brooks Scribner Photography

Day-of Coordination: It's Your Day Events & Expressions

DJ: Kyle Batterman

Cakes: Happy Cakes

Meet Annie our Bride-to-Be

Meet Annie our bride, getting married this July 5th at the beautiful Rock Creek Gardens. I asked Annie a few questions about her and her fiance Joe.  Read on to find out about the story of a young beauty and a military man who instantly clicked on their first date and plan to spend their life together! Also, read about the great wedding planning tip she has for other brides!396198_10100335633923980_1141788811_n 598786_481474698549851_1283784331_n How did you and Joe meet?

 Joe and I met on August 2010 and September 17,2010 was our first date. We met at the Panera Bread in Federal Way. The date lasted 5 hours. It wasn't a typical date, we went to an arcade after eating and challenged each other to table hockey, skee ball, basketball toss, and a few others. In the end, he did win more games than me but that's ok. It was a lot of fun. We had all these tickets from our games so we traded them in for plastic colored vampire teeth and walked around The Commons with them in our mouths. Then we went to Borders books and hung out in the kid's section because it had a cool couch to lay on. We both were laying on it and talking about memories as a child. Then....we caught eyes and leaned closer to each for our first kiss. By the second date we both knew we had found something special and by January of the next year we exchanged 'I love you's', in March we got a dog together and by May I had moved in. Before we knew it we were a family before our one  year anniversary came around.

How did he propose? 

I was hoping for a proposal by one year but it didn't happen, that's ok maybe for my birthday. How awesome would that have been. Nope didn't happen for my birthday. So at that point I knew it wasn't going to happen before our two year anniversary. Little did I know he was planning the proposal since May of 2012. But it didn't happen until August 26, 2012. It was a nice Sunday and we wanted to spend it with our two dogs. We went to the dog park then down to Ruston Way in Tacoma. On our walk on Ruston Way we stopped at a sundial and I spotted one of our friends running by and I thought it was strange she was running in jeans with a camera in hand. I called her over and while I was trying to figure out why she was there, Joe turned me around and he was down on one knee. It was a flash of excitement and then I heard "Will you marry me?" I tried to compose myself and when I did I said YES!.
What is the inspiration and theme for your wedding date?
We already knew that July 5th was our date before he even proposed because many our guest were going to be out of towners, so it made sense to us to make it for that weekend because the military gets a 4 day weekend. Joe is a Captain in the Army and many of his friends are also in the Army so they get that long weekend off as well.
The theme of our wedding is vintage romance and pictures through the ages. I love seeing pictures of me as a child and I knew it had to be a part of the wedding. I have been gather pictures of both Joe and I's family to incorporate in a few aspects of the wedding. It really started forming as a theme when I was exploring Pinterest. What a great site to get ideas from and I just took it from there. I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.
What is one wedding planning tip you have for other brides?
The one tip I have for brides and future brides is get yourself a wedding planner or day of coordinator. I am absolutely thankful for the knowledge and expert industry opinion I have my amazing planners Christina and Ashley. When I needed Christina to go to bat for me on an issue I was having she jumped on it and fixed it in a snap. Get a planner!



Thanks for sharing Annie,  we can't wait until your wedding!

Real Wedding {Carly & Jesse} The Harbor Club 6/23/12

Carly & Jesse are the classic story of young love. She was a sorority girl & he a frat boy...need we say more? Well, we will! The beautiful ceremony took place at the charming Bellevue First Congressional Church and the reception was held high amongst the city of Bellevue on the 25th floor of the Symetra Financial Building, downtown. Needless to say, the views were breathtaking. The decor was simple, classic, and mostly purple! With an amazing staff and crew, the evening went off beautifully. The bride looked absolutely radiant and the groom happy and handsome as ever!

The night did not end until both the sorority and frat had each done their special chant to celebrate the event.

At evening end, the bride & groom whisked off in the limo headed to their hotel, then off to Oahu! Congrats to Carly & Jesse!

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J + C portraits-60


Venue & catering:

Day-of Coordination:



Express Yourself! With IYDEE's Expressions~

Here at It's Your Day, we not only provide fabulous wedding and event planning services that ensures you have a fun and stress free event, but we also have our "expressions" division of the business. The expressions division is led by the one and only, very talented Christina! We can create you custom designed items to help express your special event or your life!

What are expressions? Custom made invites, save the dates, thank you cards, menus, table #s, banners, escort cards, seating maps, cake toppers, holiday greeting cards, and more!

Here are some examples of our past work:

Prices range, please inquire within. We are now taking pre-orders for one of a kind handmade holiday cards. Mention this blog and get 15% off. (Holiday cards- through Dec 8th). Prices range $8-14 for a pack of 10 handmade cards.