5 Wedding sendoffs that don’t suck!

So, I was entirely sucked into the Wedding portion of Pinterest the other day, and started thinking about the wedding sendoff scene. As wedding season 2015 quickly approaches, let me share with you my top five list of clever sendoffs I hope to be seeing  this season. Of course traditionally, there are the classics like sparklers, rice, bubbles and rose petals. Now a days, rice isn’t even PC! - rumor has it that it hurts the birdies! Now I haven’t been able to find anything that confirms nor denies that particular claim, but better safe than sorry I suppose. Anyway, most weddings that we work do have a sendoff… don’t think that you HAVE to have one, but here are a few simple ideas to kick around.


1. Glitter: Ok, I know what you’re thinking…what a mess. I agree, but think of how lovely it would be!! I would be pretty upfront with your venue and see if you can even use glitter. I wouldn’t want to have this sendoff anywhere that I would have to be cleaning it up. This would be great for backyard weddings at your parents house or something! Glitter toss is something that can easily be matched with your theme, and everyone will go home with a piece on their get up- thereby remembering your special night! ;)


2. Lavender: Alright, this is a smell good, calming kinda sendoff. To personalize this one, hit the craft store and pick out some paper you want to fold into paper cones. Then you can think of a station to hold the cones up filled with the lovely scent of lavender. Heck! If you wanna stay simplistic…why not use actual ice cream cones!?  The bonus about this one….no environmental hindrance, and no clean up! 


3. Ribbon Bell: Hit the hardware store and pick up some dowels, cut them to a reasonable length, and drill a hole at one end large enough to thread some ribbon through. A project for the groom?? I think so! Then you can have your bridesmaids over to tie one end of the ribbon to the dowel, and one end to a bell… sounds like a Wine Wednesday kinda night to me!  Winter theme? Make it a holiday ribbon and a jingle bell! Head off to your getaway car like Santa leaving on Christmas! This sendoff will surely add some color to your getaway photos, and be something your guests haven’t seen before.


4. Leaf confetti: Runner up to my favorite new getaway is this genius idea! It’s probably best for a fall wedding. Take a stroll around your neighborhood and collect some of those vibrant falling leaves. Invite your girls over and grab that hole punch out of your desk drawer! Punch holes out of the leaves you collected, and BAM! Hello environmentally friendly confetti. Also, talk about a cheap, colorful spin on the sendoff. I would bet my bottom dollar that you haven’t seen this one at any wedding you’ve attended!


5. SPRINKLES!:  This one is my #1 pick for the 2015 wedding season! Sprinkles come in all shapes and colors- match to your wedding theme and keep it on the cheap. The pictures are full of color and fun, and you can distribute them as you like. I’ve seen small mesh bags with a cute phrase (SWEET sendoff @ 10pm), paper cones, or simply a basket your guests can grab a scoop out of. These will wash away with the rain, and don’t hurt any of our feathered friends. Ahh I love it! Please do this and send us some pictures!

The runners up include birdseed and sequins, but they don’t make the top 5 list in my opinion. As far as wedding sendoffs go, don’t spend too much time dwelling on how you want to do it, just stick with something fun. This will be the last bit of your evening before you leave your guests and head off to start your official married lives- I say…end it on a high note!


Until next time- the staff of IYDEE