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We provide wedding planning, design, and coordination services, and what we do is at times difficult to picture because the services we offer are intangible. When you are scrolling through beautiful photos, with stunning flowers, and amazing cohesive design; the magic behind that is the planning, design, and coordination.

This is what we do.

We professionally organize, plan, and coordinate the details.

We dot the i's and cross the t's.

We triple check it all once more. 

Then, when the day comes, we watch the wonderment and happiness on your face as your wedding day unfolds, just as you dreamed it would.

you deserve it

We understand how important this day is to you. We work by your side to make sure the planning process as well as your wedding day are thoroughly enjoyed.

·    We do our best to eliminate the stress from your wedding day leaving you free to immerse yourself in every priceless moment.

·    We discover creative designs that are unique to your personality to craft the wedding day you’ve always imagined.

·    We know the details of your wedding inside and out. This allows you to give your full attention to getting married. We are there to take care of every logistic and behind-the-scene task.  

·    We are always expecting the unexpected, which means we work hard to make sure the day is infallible and provide needed solutions well in advance of the big day. Should something arise day of, we handle it before any guest arrives.

·    Our team displays patience and grace while working with family, friends, and other guests, as we understand this is an important day for them too!

·    We curate a remarkable team of vendors who fit your budget, personality, and overall style.

·    Our team ensures our couples are up-to-date with information and have the details they need to understand how their wedding day will flow without any questions unanswered.


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